X seems to function well, primarily as a means of exchange.

The incentives  encourage active transaction througput.
You can't just have them sitting there

you have to use them or they stake slower.


 Active users get better results.
Proof of Activity reduces chain bloat, speeds up the network
And is an added security layer.

From what we see, A wallet has to have over
960+ coins to be considered an Active balance,
otherwise, it might take forever to stake.


The reason for having a minimum staking amount is fairly simple we observe:
The less “dust” generated by staking, the faster the network can
transactions securely. The nodes do not have the added overhead of
processing all the “white noise” and storing all the chain bloat.


The PirateDex web wallet can spend X on the go
using QR codes, Peer to peer.
So ,there is a mobile/browser option, for trades and

To be concise, your profitability is solely up to you. 
No promises, just crypto, pure and simple.